bloggers block

Bloggers Block

I have been going through a bit of a Blogger’s Block lately.

I just couldn’t get myself to open up my blog page and write anything. But every single day I used to think about my blog and how much I love this little hobby of mine.

Also how I have spent so much time & effort to set up this little thing. And I have just not invested in my blog but also the related Instagram and twitter accounts for this.

so I put on my thinking hat and thought that I would at least tell my readers what I have been going through.

Why I think it Happened

When I came back from my mini vacation in November 2016, it suddenly became very tough for me to blog.

I think my habit loop of Instagramming and blogging every day got broken and I just couldn’t start it again.

however, I did try and motivate myself every single day.

many times I opened my laptop to start writing … only to get distracted by youtube & online shopping

This Blogger’s Block was real.

Then came a stage where I started feeling guilty about having spent too much time & effort and also some money into setting up this blog. I also have so many plans for this little thing and then I started seeing my plans fail. I just couldn’t gather any energy to start writing again.

Then I decided I should write something… it may be the worst post I have ever written, but if it gets me back in my groove then it will be worth it.

so, I just decided that I would start writing about the blogger’s block itself ( as for the life of me I couldn’t think of any other topic that would interest me)

So here I am stumbling my way back into the blogging world.

wish me luck 🙂



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