When your Office is your Laptop – Working from Home or Working at Home?

Hello People … how are you today?

I wanted to cover this topic in detail… So this Post will be long but useful …do read on

A lot of us nowadays either have an option to work from home in our 9 to 5 jobs or are working from home fulltime (Freelancing, Blogging, Home Makers etc.)

Working from Home definitely looks like a brilliant option and in most cases what can better than being in your comfy clothes, getting a hot cup of tea and food from your own kitchen while you work. This would seem like an attractive option to anyone…

I however have a different angle on it, while choosing (if you have the choice) to work from home also consider these factors:



  • Home Life | Office life: will you be able to separate the two? If you live with people who go out to work … would you become the defacto person for collecting all home deliveries \mails\ answering the door \ dealing with neighbours etc. all day in midst of work …?  basically will your work suffer under day to day unavoidable circumstances at home? Do give this some thought.


  • Flexible work schedule = Good Work schedule?  do consider the fact that sometimes due to a flexible work schedule (you can start work when you want to, take a break when you need and basically move at your own pace) our work hours can actually get extended. We might end up working into late evening and sometimes over to the weekends just to meet the deadlines. You end up working more while you are working from home…and that’s a fact..ish.



  • Do you have an area any area of the house that you can use for working from: This can be your own work room\Home office kind of thing or a couch or your bed, but you will need a comfy\semi comfy space where you can park yourself and your work things for at least 8 Hrs a day.


  • If you work in a team:  if it’s a good Team environment wouldn’t you prefer to have colleagues? … there is always a lot to learn from other people when you are working in a team. It also helps in building a network esp if you are new to the Company \ Industry


  • Will they forget you? Do you Require face time with your boss or other seniors? if you are up for a promotion, or pay hike or any type of career advancement. Sometimes getting face to face with the people who can help you out is good (unless they work from home too ..ha ha). In case you can’t meet them in person, do keep a close mail \ social contact so that you don’t slip out of people’s memory when it matters




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