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Every now & then you see a quote on the Internet , that pulls you in as soon as you read it.

Today’s Quote of the day is something like that for me.

Ever since I can remember, all I wanted to do was to be creative .

I wrote several poems and short stories & loved to draw and paint ( no matter how bad I was at all of it 🙂 )

I was always captivated by pictures , colors & fabrics.

Any type of creative product was always of great fascination .  I believe I am able to greatly appreciate the effort even other creators put in their products.

How much thought , energy , effort , time & money goes into the smallest creative endeavor is humbling.

I am putting this Quote up on my Blog page to remind myself , to always be aligned to my calling.

Always remember that only true passion leads to true motivation and all these are steps towards your actual calling.



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