Thought of Today

Thought of Today

Thought of Today

Since starting my blog I have learnt many things. Be it about writing , grammar or photo editing.

I also realise that I have a long distance to cover, I want my photos to be much better and I also want to write about different things each day.

Today while I was critiquing my posts and focusing on all that is wrong with them .  It dawned on me –

My Thought of Today

Mistakes are proof that I am trying

Creativity is a journey , a journey with no particular destination.  You can at best hope to be really pleased with yourself , which is possibly the most difficult for me.

So I have to make peace with the fact that I  am going to make mistakes.

BUT I am also going to learn from them . And then I am going to do better , or atleast try and do better each day.

However long it may take I will try and get it right.

Mistakes are a part of my journey, they are always going to be there . Or they are going to sneak up on me.

I am trying to learn new stuff everyday & when i look at this blog or the pictures on my Instagram , it shows how far i have come.

It may seem like nothing to most people but i can see my journey , Mistakes & all.



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